Creating a recorded desktop session (screencast) for YouTube under Ubuntu

I just finished an open source project called Jitenize and created a short clip for YouTube explaining the installation and usage of the software. As I spent a lot of time with finding the right tools and using them in the right way I thought it might be interesting to share with what I finally came up with:

For recording the desktop session I used recordMyDesktop, The tool is easy to use and you can record a selected part of your desktop so that you can hide things that you do not want to show to the world.

A cheap microphone creates an audio track with a lot of white noise in the background. I decided that I could live for the time being with this quality but if I would do more clips of this kind I would spend some money on a good microphone for sure.

recordMyDesktop creates OGG videos that need to converted to FLV for YouTube. In addition I finally decided to record video and audio separately in several small clips and mount everything in one clip later on. Demonstrating and explaining a software at the same time is much harder than presenting a set of well written slides in a webinar!

For editing the clips and gluing them together I loaded them in PiTiVi, removed the audio track and created titles by adding PNG images that I had created with OpenOffice Impress.

Finally I recorded and edited the audio track with Audacity, exported it in OGG Vorbis format and added the audio track in PiTiVi to the video. Exporting the audio track as MP3 resulted in audio quality problems in PiTiVi.

Last not least I exported the whole clip in FLV format. Here it turned out to be extremely important to find the right settings for the export. After some Google search I found the following parameters that worked for me:

Container: FLV muxer [flvmux]
Audio-Codec: FFmpeg ADPCM Shockwave Flash encoder [ffenc_adpcm_swf]
Video-Code: FFmpeg Flash Video (FLV) encoder [ffenc_flv]

Loading up the video on YouTube worked without problems, you can see the result here.